Fundamentalism? what is it?

What is a fundamentalist? What is a radical?

These pejoratives are widely bandied about these days, as pundits try to establish some sort of equivalence between fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians, perhaps somehow thinking by this sleight of hand they might just wish away the growing Muslim violence being wreaked on one Western city after another.

Just think though, what does the word fundamentalist mean? Well, it means one who subscribes to the fundamentals of one’s faith. What is a radical? One who strives to take their belief to its literal, inevitable conclusion.

So what would a fundamentalist, radical Christian look like? Well he would not shoot his opponents. Jesus taught his followers to turn the other cheek. However he would speak about Jesus and God and eternal judgement, even if that risked his life, for Jesus taught that too. Though some in the media would like to label the odd gun toting, Bible toting rabid hater as typical of Christian fundamentalism, this is simply not so. As soon as someone takes up the gun to defend Jesus, he is no longer a follower of Jesus, plain and simple. One only needs read the gospels to know this.

So what would a fundamentalist Muslim look like? To answer that you need to simply read the Koran, study the life of Mohamed, and perhaps a browse through some of the Hadiths would help. I have done much of this over the past 5 years.

The terror campaigns being waged across the world by what are being called ‘Islamists’ are just that, the attempt to take Mohamed’s teachings to their literal inevitable conclusion.

Whereas Christians may feel some discomfort at some of the Old Testament scriptures, and yet know quite clearly that their faith rests solidly on the teachings of Christ in the New Testament, things are a little murkier for the Muslim. Competing ideas are scattered throughout the Koran in a higgledy piggledy manner. Which to believe? Well, thankfully Muslim scholars have already come to the rescue and have sorted out which Surah’s were revealed when, and startling and unwelcome as it may be, the moderate and peaceful verses were the early revelations, the harsh and warlike revelations the latest. These later, violent surah’s take precedence unless the Muslim is in a weakened state. In short the violence we see today is taught and sanctioned by the Koran, Sunna and Hadith. There is simply no way to get around this fact, the Koran sanctions, no commands, violence against unbelievers.

Readers are commended to find a copy of the Koran themselves, online or in store. Read it, and then read some of the many confessions of former Islamic scholars who, having enough of the brutality of the faith, have written in plain words the truth – that ‘fundamentalist, radical Islam is Islam,’ plain and simple. Moderate Islam is not Islam at all, it is a watered down and corrupted version of Islam, in the same way that violent and angry Christianity is a corrupted version of Christianity.

A good start is this volume

Islam and Terrorism: What the Quran Really Teaches About Christianity, Violence and the Goals of the Islamic Jihad


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