Lest We Forget? … We Have Forgotten

Five to Eleven today I pause, stop the car, quiet the engine
Radio National, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith reading ‘the Ode’
Last Post, rustling of the wind. Inside my car a minute of reflection passes.
In haste, cars rushing by, shoppers dashing through the rain.
We have forgotten…

How swiftly we forget. Young men and women whose lives they held less dear than loved ones at home.
In a dangerous world, tyranny threatening, war raging, freedom and virtue alike threatened.
Last Post, rustling of the wind. Inside my car, a moment to thank.
In haste, cars and shoppers rushing past. Who do they thank?
We have forgotten…

I think then of Ivan, Solzhenitsyn his name, as a boy, looking up
“Father, why is our country in such trial, such travail?”
“Why this suffering? Why the persecution?”
And father looks down, and with tear and sorrow
Says “Oh my son, we have forgotten…
We have forgotten God.”


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