Reflections on Luke 11 – LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY. [#6]


(2) ..hallowed be your name, [continued]

It is difficult to pass on without wrestling to address this odd, archaic word just a little more.

“These hallowed halls…” Yes, that is about the only real life instance I remember of the word in use, as best I can recall in reference to some old and stately university building, steeped in history, feeling like it was still inhabited by those great scientists of old; Newton, Boyle, Lord Kelvin….

And it helped me to reflect on a connection between the word in Luke 11 and my memory of it in recent use, one in particular.

What effect did these ‘hallowed halls’ have on those passing through them? Well obviously reverence, respect, and a sense of peace and calm. Chewing gum on the floor and graffiti on the walls would be rare.

Now, if walking the corridors of an old institution could impart such emotions, would not a discipline of daily waking up to worship our creator instil in us a sense of calm and peace to carry us through the coming day? I sit here looking out the window at stately trees, late winter mist clearing in the dawns light, hundreds of birds greeting the day with joyful sounds. Is there not more to hallow there than in that musty old building?

Indeed ‘hallowing God’s name’ each day grounds us in these characteristics of reverence and respect, and prevents us from the greatest danger of all, becoming self-referencing. It is the characteristic of being ‘self-referencing’ that defines the anarchist, the destroyer of peace.

Yes, rather than being some selfish demand of God, it is ‘for us.’ As Matthew Henry says in his marvellous commentary “That man is a brute, is a monster, that never prays, that never gives glory to his Maker, nor feels his favour, nor owns his dependence upon him.”

Lord, hallowed be your name today….


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