Who did we really lose in 2016?


Much hand wringing over ‘lost stars’ occurred as we saw 2016 out. Movie stars, pop stars, famous stars. Endless chatter about what a shocker of a year it has been……

But what will change? You will still have their tracks on CD, iPod, whatever. The blue-ray boxed disc set of the movie series is still on the shelf. And to be perfectly blunt that was about as much of a relationship you had with them anyway. More of them will die in 2017; we’re all getting older, and so are they.

What of those who lost a mum, a dad, a husband or wife? Spare a though for them. What about your own mum or dad, or grandma or pop? When did you last visit grandma? Have you made it a habit to have family dinner with mom and dad each week? Or are you too busy, or have you somehow allowed ‘famous singers and actors’ to displace mom and dad, grandma and pop?

Let me assure you, when you lose one of them, the loss will be immeasurably more than any collection of entertainers on a screen, or voices in your iPod.

Ring dad now, make a date for dinner, make it a habit. Plan that visit to grannie; yes it will cost you. It costs me money I can’t afford to go interstate to visit my mom twice a year, but I know for sure that I will regret it one day if I don’t.

Real relationships with your family are worth so much more than Netflix and iTunes accounts. Invest in them in 2017.


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