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Marriage is Death

marriage is death

Marriage is Death.

No, it is not white dresses, rings and flowers, nor church bells and receptions. And marriage is not vows exchanged and sealed by some minister or celebrant in front of happy witnesses.

Marriage is death.

OK, now I have your attention let me admit to just a tiny degree of clickbait in that title, despite standing firmly behind those words. Let me explain.

Two definitions are inevitably evolving today, one steeped in tradition and religious thought, the other rapidly evolving with a rapidly changing society, one which makes judgments and choices based on what feels good and fair at an emotional level, but which is changing with breathtaking speed to a destination few can foresee.

The marriage I speak of lays behind the former definition, but deeper, more fundamental in nature, and further back in time. In fact before time itself.

When the first ‘groom’ and his father spoke of the bride he wished to wed, they both realised that proceeding with the planned courtship and wedding would mean one thing, the death of the groom.

And Jesus did not blink. The proposal was made, and mankind was created, and any of that race who wished was welcomed into that bride, the church.

And as Father and Son well knew, she would, both before and after pledging her vow of fidelity, betray those vows, run away in fear, and hide in shame.

Yet again and again, the groom would run to her, and lovingly point out to her that he died, died to pay the penalty for her infidelities, and His Father stood eager and ready to forgive, to wash her clean, to dress her once more in white raiment, to wipe out any record of her infidelities.

And this is the grand sweeping heavenly drama that the Christian couple acts out as they pledge their vows; yes as they each stumble, betray, repent, forgive, and prayerfully restore each other in their own marriage. You see, Christian marriage is a picture of the greatest heavenly drama imaginable; Jesus wedding and taking his bride, the church, into his heavenly home.

For this reason, this reason above all, Christian marriage will never be defined by the world, least of all the parliament or people of Australia.

When you are speaking to friend and family about marriage, why not use this opportunity to share with them why marriage is so important to you, because it is a picture of the heavenly reality.